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Welcome to Rozina and Smith Physical Therapy in Upland, CA

Recovering from an injury isn't easy and choosing the right physical therapy provider can make a significant difference in the speed and success of your overall recovery. Here at Rozina and Smith Physical Therapy we recognize the challenges of recovery and are committed to accelerating your recovery by providing you with individualized hands on treatment in a caring, professional and evidence based practice.

Our staff, comprised of Doctors of Physical Therapy, are committed to helping you achieve your rehabilitation goals- whether they may be returning to work, sports or hobbies you enjoy. How does Rozina and Smith Physical Therapy differ from the rest? It's simple- we believe the key to superior outcomes is patient based one on one physical therapy care. This includes precise hands on treatment applied with respect to your unique injury and diagnosis.

At Rozina and Smith Physical Therapy we value you as a patient, not a number! Your Doctor of Physical Therapy will take the time needed to educate you regarding your injury, devise a precise plan of care, closely monitor and progress your therapy appropriately. Our efficient treatment equal faster recovery times and greater patient satisfaction.

Come see why physicians across the Inland Empire choose Rozina and Smith Physical Therapy as their top choice in comprehensive physical therapy care! When you need us, we'll be here to lead you back to health, every step of the way!

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  • My physician sent me to Rozina and Smith Physical Therapy and I am so happy that he did. I was able to work with Jason throughout my time spent in physical therapy and was impressed by his knowledge of my diagnosis as well as his ability to keep me on track with reaching my goals. In my mind, I would never go anywhere else for therapy would highly recommend this clinic to all of my friends and family members.”

    - Jim H.

  • PI appreciate all that Mary and her staff was able to do for me over the past 3 months. It is clear that at Rozina and Smith Physical Therapy patients come first and all of the staff work hard to achieve that goal in their day to day operations. The staff demonstrates great team work and they are always a very personable group that also has the utmost kindness, patience, and professionalism.”

    - Betty A.

  • An incredible experience, very caring staff, very professional, interested in bringing patients back from trauma to normal function with sincere patience and dedication. This facility should be a model for all Physical Therapy facilities. Mary Rozina rocks!!!”

    - Michael K.

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