Patients with a particular type of knee pain are more overweight

The results of this systematic review and meta-analysis showed that the BMI of adults with patellofemoral pain and knee OA was generally higher than the BMI of healthy individuals without knee pain that they were compared to. When it came to adolescen…

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Patients who undergo therapy before surgery spend less on care after

These findings support the use of preoperative physical therapy-or prehabilitation-in patients preparing for hip or knee replacement surgery, as it can reduce the need for patient care and its associated costs following the procedure. Individuals who …

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Hands- on therapy is beneficial for carpal tunnel and reduces pain

Results showed that both treatments led to improvements, as patients experienced less pain, greater function, and fewer symptoms after completing the interventions. Patients in the manual therapy group, however, reported even greater improvements than…

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Help prevent Lacrosse injuries with these 7 tips. #SeeAPT1st

Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in America, inform yourself on how to help prevent your child from being injured. #SeeAPT1st…
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PT after knee surgery leads to improvements in function & flexibility

Results of the systematic review and meta-analysis were generally supportive of the use of physical therapy after meniscus surgery. This was based on several studies that found a positive effect of various types of physical therapy treatments utilized…

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PT after shoulder surgery responsible for a faster recovery

Following a course of physical therapy should be the norm after surgery

Results showed that after 12 months, patients in the physical therapy group improved significantly more than those who received usual care. This was based on better ques…

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Home exercise and physical therapy beneficial for hand fractures

After 12 weeks, results showed that both groups improved in all of the measurements taken. In particular, both the physical therapy and home-exercise group experienced similar improvements in grip strength and hand function, with no major differences …

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Guidelines recommend treatments like exercise for meniscus tears

Based on these findings, if you have knee pain that may be related to a meniscus tear, it appears that your best option is to see a physical therapist first and follow a course of exercise therapy. These carefully designed exercises will target your p…

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Opioids do not provide any benefit to OTC meds for low back pain

Neither added drug brings about any greater improvements than placebo

Overall, results indicated that neither the muscle relaxant nor the opioid provided any added benefit to the NSAID for LBP patients. This was based on the fact that measur…

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Opioids are not found to be more effective for relieving pain

Opioids and non-opioids lead to very similar outcomes

Overall, results showed that patients who received opioids improved to a very similar extent compared to those who received non-opioids. In particular, the opioid group improved from a sc…

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Guidelines recommend education, physical therapy, and exercise

The results of this study identified a number of treatments that were recommended by all of the guidelines reviewed. For acute LBP (pain that has only lasted for up to six weeks), the following recommendations were found in all the guidelines: advice …

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14 Tips to keep kids away from common baseball injuries. #SeeAPT1st

How can overuse baseball injuries be prevented?…
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Patients receiving expensive and risky treatment for knee surgery

Results showed that in the year prior to having knee replacement surgery, most patients (66%) received at least one of the analyzed treatments for their knee osteoarthritis, which cost an average of $506 per patient. The three most commonly used treat…

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Physical therapy found to be more effective for carpal tunnel

After one year, results showed that patients in both groups experienced improvements from their treatments. In particular, these patients reported less intense pain and less sensitivity to pain at both six and 12 months after treatment. The manual th…

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Surgery and therapy lead to very similar outcomes for hip conditions

Despite its popularity, surgery does not lead to better outcomes than physical therapy

Over the course of two years, the results primarily showed that physical therapy and surgery led to very similar outcomes for patients. In particular, the…

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Prevention program reduces ankle sprains in the athletic population

Proprioceptive training found to be effective for reducing patients' risk for ankle sprains

The results of this review generally showed that the proprioceptive training was in fact effective for reducing the risk for ankle sprains in active i…

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Surgery and physical therapy lead to similar result for carpal tunnel

Results showed that after one month, patients in the manual therapy group experienced significantly greater improvements in function, the seriousness of their symptoms and pinch grip strength than those in the surgery group. After six and 12 months, t…

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Sleep, a healthy diet & strength training reduces risks for injury

In the other study, resistance training was found to be effective for reducing the risk for injury by up to 68%. Resistance training was also associated with improved sports performance and health measures, and helped young athletes develop better phy…

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Painful exercise intensity is not beneficial for tennis elbow

The results of these measurements showed when the patients performed the exercises at 20% above their pressure pain threshold, it increased the intensity of their pain immediately after the exercise. When the same exercise was performed at 20% below t…

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Personalized program decreases risk for another hamstring injury

Patients who follow the treatment algorithm experienced fewer injuries

Results showed that over six months, the soccer players in the RA group experienced substantially fewer hamstring strain injuries than those in the RP group, especially in…

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