Spine Rehab

Rozina and Smith Physical Therapy offers highly skilled treatment and rehabilitation of the sources of back pain, chronic back pain and the treatment of acute disorders of the spine. Our physical therapy specialists provide treatment for both surgical and non-surgical spinal conditions resulting from spinal infections and tumors, scoliosis and other spinal deformations, as well as general and occupational spinal injuries.

Many types of back pain – often described as low back pain or acute low back pain – are not chronic conditions and may subside with physical therapy in as little as six weeks or less. These conditions are frequently associated with muscular strain rather than skeletal abnormality of the spine. Pain from acute back pain varies in its manifestation from a specific location with specific pain to a radiating or dull pain across the lower back and down the buttocks or hips. As with any source of pain a professional diagnosis and treatment plan is recommended.

When lower back pain persists for more than ninety days, it is considered to be chronic low back pain. The origin of chronic low back pain can be the result of either injury or other conditions such as spinal degenerative conditions, infections, tumors, or scoliosis. Chronic low back pain should be professionally diagnosed and treated as early as possible so it may prevent the advancement of a more serious condition.

Our physical therapists understand that back pain can be deeply upsetting. Any cause of back pain, whether it be simple back strain or a more serious spinal condition, can produce a strong emotional reaction including fear, confusion, and anxiety. With any back condition, a physician or spine specialist diagnosis combined with a treatment plan from one of our physical therapists is your fastest road to both emotional and physical recovery. Our physical therapists can lead you back to health, every step of the way.