Performance Enhancement

For years, Rozina and Smith Physical Therapy has played a very prominent role in rehabilitating competitive athletes throughout the Inland Empire. We still continue to do so today!

Once and athlete is properly rehabilitated and ready to get back to a competitive level, specific sports conditioning is required. Sports performance training can be one of the most complex and difficult types of training to be administered and learned. However, when taught by a certified professional, athletes can make significantly more progress than their peers who are not following a specific training program and will gain an edge in their respective field of sport.

Here at Rozina and Smith we are very pleased to announce that we now offer sports performance enhancement training to athletes of every level!

Individuals who participate in competitive sports require specialized attention during training to gain an edge on their opponents, thus it is imperative that their training covers all aspects of an athlete’s respective sport. Our personal trainer Kevin Tiu is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (NSCA) as well as a Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM).

If you are an athlete or know an athlete that wants to maximize athletic potential, schedule a fitness assessment today and take the first steps to dominating on the field!